Welcome to aviaspotting.com

aviaspotting.com is the website about aviation photography, spotting, airlines and airports. There is a lot of websites on this subject, isn’t it? Right.

But this one is dedicated to my own collection of photos. I created it mainly with the goal of organizing tons of my aircraft photos in a systematic way. I hope that the result will be useful not only to me.

I took pictures of planes at almost a hundred airports on all continents of the world, and I continue to do so further. The site is still under construction. So far, only a small part of my archive has been posted. When I publish its substantial part, I will give detailed statistics on the number of photos, airlines, airports, etc.

See already published photos here. All photos are posted in 1600 x 1067 resolution.

Speaking of statistics. I really like aviation statistics – data on airports, airlines, passengers. I was very surprised that detailed statistics cannot be found in the public domain. Try, for example, to find in Google lists of airports by the number of passengers outside the first hundred. Or detailed statistics on airline companies. On this site I will sometimes publish interesting aviation statistics that cannot be easily found in the public domain.

Enjoy watching. And stay tuned.

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